Scissors for the Southpaw: Say Hello to the New Left-Handed Shears From ARROJO

Life for lefties is an ill-fitting lot. Spiral notebooks, writing desks, computer keyboards –– all designed with their opposite hand in mind. Left-handers learn contortions just to get by in a right-handers world. For a hair cutter who relies on geometry and dexterity, the problem is compounded. Which is why we’ve collaborated with BMAC to create the new ARROJO BMAC Precision 5.0 Left-Handed Shear. 

Using latest scissor technology and innovative design, this left-handed tool offers comfort and precision for basic and advanced techniques. The sharp and durable blades and exceptional craftsmanship make this scissor a long-term investment in your livelihood. 

The ergonomic, tailored to left-handed-cutting design means that you should never have to elevate your elbow, no matter which cutting technique you are practicing. This substantially reduces the risk of common repetitive strain injuries, as there is less of a load on your hand, wrist, arm, and back as you create beautiful looks for your clients. 

ARROJO BMAC Precision 5.0 is ideal for exact cutting, yet versatile enough for all custom techniques. It comes with a bespoke streamlined screw for unobstructed smooth pivot action, and special V10 grade stainless steel for the most consistent, long-lasting edge.

(Please ensure to select the left hand shear from the drop down menu.)

And if anyone rides you for being a leftie, tell them Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo, all join Rocky and you as crackerjack Southpaws! 

Love your tools. Love your work. Love being a pro.

dominic antiszko