Bite-Size Boot Camp

Bite-Size Boot Camp


Boot Camp offers our complete approach to modern creative hairdressing in a career-shaping 4-week program. Yet we understand that it is difficult for hairdressers to take 4 weeks off work to complete a month-long course. As such we are proud to offer Bite-Size Boot Camp for 2019!

Please Note: The Entire Week 1 (Classic Scissor Cutting) and entire Week 4 (Razor Cutting) will both be taught by Nick Arrojo. Learn more.

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Each week of Boot Camp focuses on particular elements of hairdressing. Week one covers scissor cutting; week two covers hair coloring; week three covers men’s hairdressing and modern styling; week four covers razor cutting.

Rather than having to book the 4 week Boot Camp, Bite-Size Boot Camp allows you to attend any 1 week of the 4-week program. So if you wish to practice Classic Cutting for a full week, for example, you can book that week of the program.

For each week, classes run from 9am-5pm Sunday-Thursday.

Here’s the 2019 Bite Size Boot Camp Schedule:

Aug 4-8: Classic Scissor Cutting (all 5 days taught by Nick Arrojo)

Aug 11-15: Modern Hair Coloring + American Wave Certification

Aug 18-22: Men's Hair Cutting

Aug 25-29: Razor Cutting (all 5 days taught by Nick Arrojo)

The tuition cost for each Bite-Size Boot Camp week is $1500 per week.

For inquiries & further details on each week of Book Camp, please call 212 242 7786 x 207 or email