Classic Cuts 1

Classic Cuts 1

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03/03/2019 to 03/05/2019

Three Day Seminar at ARROJO Advanced Academy NYC. Seminar takes place March 3-5, 2019.

In this all hands-on seminar master ARROJO’s modern and creative, precision-based approach to classic cutting with shears.

Over three days, hairdressing fundamentals are brought into sharp focus as you practice one-length lines, graduations, and layers.

Classic Cuts 1 improves craftsmanship and technique. Each workshop promotes mastery of geometric yet organic shapes while giving attendees more confidence and expertise with sophisticated skills like over-direction and disconnection.

This seminar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to master classic scissor cutting as the foundation to build one’s creative portfolio.


Seminar Location: ARROJO Advanced Academy, 56 King St. NYC 10014

*This seminar is for licensed hairdressers only. Attendees will receive by email a tools list and class info two weeks before class commences.