Classic Cuts 2

Classic Cuts 2

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In Classic Cuts 2, explore classic scissor cutting techniques, applied to geometric yet organic shapes.

Classic Long Layer teaches layering from the front to create face-framing shape, while retaining weight and structure through the back; Classic Round Graduation highlights perfect rounded layer shapes, elegantly crafted from the front; Classic Short Graduation features techniques for an tight nape, and a pronounced head shape––the fundamentals of short haircutting.

Learning these techniques increases control, flexibility, and style, and empowers each stylist to improve all cuts, from the most simple to the most dynamic.

A great class for any stylist wanting to improve fundamentals as means to unlock true creative potential.

Available Dates & Locations:

  • June 23, 2019 - ARROJO Advanced Academy NYC


  • 3 Days


  • Three-day seminar with each day focused on a new aspect of classic cutting: Day one, long layers; day two, round graduation; day three, short graduation.

  • Classic long layer technique highlights how to layer from front to back, creating perfect face-framing shape.

  • Classic round graduation technique showcases the right way to shape timeless graduation, elegantly crafted from the front .

  • Classic short graduation technique covers all the elements of successful short haircutting.

  • One ARROJO educator per six students means each attendee gets the most individual attention.

Designed For:

Increasing awareness and flexibility when approaching the traditional shapes of hairdressing.

Especially beneficial for young stylists who want a better understanding of classic technique and experienced stylists who lack a strong technical background.

Anyone who has interest in, and appreciation for, classic hairdressing technique Improving all your cuts, from the most simple to the most creative.

Practices & Policies:

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*This seminar is for licensed hairdressers only. Attendees will receive by email a tools list and class info two weeks before class commences.