Razor Fundamentals With Nick Arrojo In Portland, Oregon

Razor Fundamentals With Nick Arrojo In Portland, Oregon


Exclusive 1-Day Hands-On Razor Cutting Seminar with Nick Arrojo @ De Stijl Salon, 12 NE 10th Ave Portland, OR 97232

Seminar takes place Monday, November 11 from 10am to 4pm.

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In this all hands-on seminar learn from Nick Arrojo’s industry-leading approach to modern, creative, precision-based razor cutting. 

Under the personal guidance of Nick Arrojo, pioneer of revolutionary razor cutting techniques like swinging bangs, practice one-length lines, graduation, and layering with your razor.  

Taking class attendees through vital basics like how to correctly hold a straightedge razor through to exciting skills like creating space, texture, and freedom in the cut and style this inspirational seminar is the perfect place to take your creative edge to the next level. 


*This seminar is for licensed hairdressers only. Attendees will receive by email a tools list and class info two weeks before class commences.