Retail Success

Retail Success

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This class is for salons, groups, or individuals who want to enjoy greater retail success, and the knock on effect of more client returns and referrals.

Most salons and stylists have a difficult time creating a prosperous retail business, but the best people to sell hair products are hairdressers. So where’s the disconnect?

Stylists are taught to cut and color, but nobody teaches them to sell. With a million-dollar a year retail business, we have taken control of this vital art, and we are teaching our method to professionals.

Using our self-made Retail Training Wheel –– which is designed, from greeting to consultation and cut and style, to steer your client conversations towards retail purchases, without ever being a hard sell –– the day covers theory, demonstration, and role-playing as you learn the soft skills of successful retailing.

Available Dates & Locations:

  • April 28, 2019 - ARROJO Advanced Academy NYC

  • September 29, 2019 - ARROJO Advanced Academy NYC


  • 1 Day


  • Learn to complete your service skills with techniques that bring your clients back

  • Gain access to our Retail Training Wheel, a success tool that we have exclusively developed in-house at ARROJO

Designed For:

  • Increasing your profitability as a stylist

  • Making your clients happier, and more likely to purchase products from you

Practices & Policies:

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*This seminar is for licensed hairdressers only. Attendees will receive by email a tools list and class info two weeks before class commences.