July 16, 2019
@ The Diversionary Theatre
4545 Park Blvd
San Diego CA 92116
Doors: 6:30. Show: 7-8:30pm

Join Nick Arrojo and Anthony Edge, as they come together to present their latest insights and inspirations to the San Diego hairdressing community.

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Former International Artistic Director for Toni & Guy, Anthony Edge is the owner and founder of The Edge Academy, one of the foremost hairdressing academies in America, offering an approach to hairdressing rooted in technique, precision, concept and execution.

Renowned for presenting techniques all stylists can use to improve their working the salon, Anthony brings more than 40 years experience and a unique passion to share his ideas on hair, fashion and trends.

Nick has revolutionized American hairdressing. His signature approach to razor cutting offers newfound texture and taper to 21st century styles, and has inspired thousands of stylists to imitate his method.

The ARROJO Academy in NYC shares techniques like razor cutting, hair painting and American Wave with thousands of stylists eager to learn from Nick’s visionary approach.

Revered for a teaching philosophy cemented in creative innovation and practical application, Nick’s skillful, charismatic approach inspires stylists to create fashionable, beautiful and wearable hairstyles with personality and flair.

Discover THE ARROJO EDGE to add new skills and fresh thinking to your repertoire.

*Please Note: This is not a Diversionary Theatre Production.