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Our Philosophy Of Education

The ARROJO Academy is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to an advanced, inspirational and career-shaping system of learning. We train, motivate, inspire hairdressers from all over the world to reach for technique, creativity, bravery and imagination.

The conviction of our teaching philosophy is that by sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise we can guide our fellow hairdressers to become more creative, inspired, technically accomplished and professional.

We believe in keeping education lively, hands-on, and enjoyable with lots of aha moments. From classic fundamentals through to our most advanced, creative and trend-conscious techniques, all skills taught at ARROJO Academy are practical for clients, enabling stylists to go back to the salon feeling inspired –– with a greater repertoire and an improved technique.

Facilitated by our team of pioneering master stylists, each ARROJO Seminar looks at a different aspect of successful, modern-day hairstyling. Some explore classic scissor cutting, some the latest trends in cut and color, while others focus on basic or advanced razor-cutting practices.

All seminars feature the world-renowned techniques that have been developed by Nick Arrojo and offer a reflection of his world-leading approach to fashionable, beautiful and wearable hairstyles with personality and flair. 

The Value Of Education

The idea of lifelong learning describes the continuing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. This is a worthy goal and an especially relevant one in the constantly evolving hairdressing industry. Education is what strengthens your personal brand and keeps your clients happy.

There are many other benefits to continued learning, like staying fresh and finding new sources of inspiration. We believe education is the bedrock of a creative, prosperous, and rewarding hairdressing career. It raises standards of craftsmanship and professionalism throughout our industry. Education is essential for technical precision, creative expression, confidence with clients, and success in any field, from the salon floor to the editorial shoot.

It’s also the best way to keep up with new techniques and hone skills that match the new trends, especially in an industry where directions can change at the drop of a Gigi Hadid Instagram post. Nowadays, there is more competition for every dollar, so stylists and salon owners that want success must be willing to stay a step ahead; education is the surest path.

The power of ARROJO education equips hairdressers to shape a brilliant future of their own making. Vow to never stop learning.
— Nick Arrojo

What To Expect

Experienced, highly skilled educators facilitate in a down-to-earth and relaxed environment. For every six people attending class, they’ll be one ARROJO educator. Expect high-quality mannequin or model demos and workshops that use innovative techniques and fresh thinking to stir your imagination. We teach techniques that are useable everyday on the salon floor and are sure to improve your hairdressing, your client communication, and your business building - you will work hard and you will talk and think about hair. When you cut and/or color mannequin heads in the workshops, you are free to take them home afterwards. Expect motivational, encouraging facilitators, driving you towards growth; expect the inspiration to define your own hairdressing.

The Space


Located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York, ARROJO academy, with 16 hairdresser chairs in a secluded salon space, is a state-of-the-art facility, purpose-built for inspirational, career-shaping education. The atmosphere also set us apart. We foster a down-to-earth, lively and fun environment because that’s the best way to learn. With a maximum of six class attendees per educator, we use the academy to provide lots of individual, hands-on education to each hairdresser. It’s a place to never stop learning.

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