seminar Practices & Policies

ARROJO academy seminars are held in a state-of-the-art space, purpose-built for cutting edge hairdressing education. Our commitment is to an advanced, inspirational, and career-shaping learning process. The techniques we teach can be put into practice on the salon floor straightaway, and empower stylists to create fashion-forward and functional, beautiful, wearable hair.

This is down to our modern and creative, precision-based method. Precise, proper technique is fundamental to hairdressing because it lets you shape all your styles off of a strong foundation. Once you have that, creativity can flourish. Start by putting the right structure into each cut or color and you can still be creative, but the style will always last longer, grow out better, and be easier for the client to style each day––craftsmanship and integrity will be the key features of your work. It means the client is more likely to return, and more likely to bring their friends. Though each seminar is different, this is the essence of our philosophy and will be evident no matter what seminar you take.

At least one of our lead educators is present in each seminar session. They have more than 75 years of cumulative experience at the top of their profession. Each seminar also has support educators. All are master stylists with many years of teaching know-how, and all have an acute awareness of our precision-centric approach to contemporary and creative hairstyling.

We account for all skill levels, and whatever aspect of your hairdressing you’d like to improve. Choose anything from a classic cutting seminar that covers the basic principals of effective cutting, to inspiration seminars that delve deep into the latest, most progressive trends and techniques in cut and color. Or choose the 4-week boot camp and cover every aspect of successful, modern-day hairstyling.

The atmosphere also sets us apart: We foster a down-to-earth, relaxed, lively and fun environment because that’s the best way to learn. And, with a maximum of five class attendees per educator, we give each person lots of individual, hands-on education.

Expect world-class model and/or mannequin demonstrations. Expect workshops where you and your work take center-stage. Expect to improve your salon-floor hairdressing, your client communication, and your approach to editorial. Expect, ultimately, to build your client base and your business. Under our direction, be prepared to work hard, and to talk and think about hair. With improved technique, increased creativity, inspiration and motivation, you will leave better than when you came. 


To register for a seminar, please call 212 242 7786 x 207 ARROJO seminars can be secured by: American Express, Visa, or Master card. And by checks payable to:

NA Enterprises LLC.

All credit card transactions will require an additional 3.6% merchant fee.

A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of registration.

Please make hotel and travel arrangements upon receiving this email.



Please Note: The following cancellation policies pertain to all ARROJO seminars, except American Wave Certification seminars, Up Close with Nick, and the Retail Success seminars.

(A) A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement but before instruction begins receives all monies returned with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee. (B) Thereafter, a student will be liable for: 1. the non-refundable registration fee plus 2. the cost of any textbooks or supplies accepted plus 3. tuition liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance. Tuition liability is determined by the percentage of the program offered to the student. If termination occurs school may keep: 0 - 15% of the program 0%, 16 - 30% of the program 25%, 31 - 45% of the program 50%, 46 - 60% of the program 75%, After 60% of the program 100% (C) The student refund may be more than that stated above if the accrediting agency refund policy results in a greater refund.

Please Note: The following cancellation polices pertains to ARROJO seminars American Wave Certification seminars, Up Close with Nick, and the Retail Success seminars, only.

Cancellations and modifications with more than 6-weeks notice prior to scheduled seminar: 10% fee applies. Cancellations and modifications with less than 6-weeks notice prior to scheduled seminar: 50% fee applies.

ARROJO academy reserves the right to cancel any class based upon unforeseen circumstances. In this instance we will provide 6-weeks notice and reimburse the full tuition fee.

ARROJO academy assumes no other liability for costs. Please Also Note: You must have a valid cosmetology license to be eligible for any ARROJO seminar.



Tuition includes course working material, and your mannequin(s) or model(s). If you work on mannequins, you are free to take them home at the end of the seminar, except for the Occasion and Editorial Styling Seminars and the American Wave Certification Seminar.

So you can have fun writing or drawing your inspirations anytime a light bulb switches on during - or after - the seminar, each attendee also receives an ARROJO signature notepad with head-sheets for the cuts and/or colors you have been learning.

You must supply your own scissors and razors, combs, brushes, and blow-dryers.

Please be aware that Nick Arrojo makes his best effort to be at all seminars, however, due to scheduling constraints, this cannot be guaranteed for every session.