ARROJO Inspiration



"By creating fashion-forward hair shapes and styles, cut with newly invented technique, my team and I are constantly pushing the boundaries of hairdressing. Coming up with new trends and practices keeps us inspired and on the cutting edge; and it means we always have fresh ideas to offer our clients. I built the inspiration class around the belief that we should share our latest techniques and inspirations and help all hairdressers find the freedom to create. Recently, we’ve put forward new ideas for creating asymmetry, disconnection, undercutting, the new shag, short to long cuts, and many more; and these are exactly the techniques that we demo, and you practice, in the ARROJO inspiration seminar. But it’s not a class just for editorial or avant-garde. In alignment with our philosophy, all the techniques are presented in a way that makes them the perfect fit for trend-conscious, salon-floor clients, too." - Nick Arrojo



  • Each day includes two master stylist demos and one workshop where you practice new skills in a lively and fun, hands-on environment

  • Featured techniques include asymmetry, disconnection, undercutting, aggressive layering, spiral-shaped layering, short to long cutting, and many more innovative and trend-savvy techniques

  • One ARROJO educator per six students means each attendee gets the most individual attention


Designed For:

  • Any stylist experienced with scissors and a razor

  • Learning the latest trends and techniques in scissor and razor cutting

  • Stylists who want the versatility to tailor the latest looks to clients in their chair

  • Expanding your editorial portfolio


Practices & Policies:

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