Boot Camp

(Salon Fundamentals)



"Boot Camp is a great opportunity to take time out of your career, get motivated, inspired, and build a platform for future success. It’s great for new cosmetology graduates who want a jump on the competition, and stylists who are keen to refresh and improve their skill-set. With seminars five days a week, my team and I base tuition around theory and demos that explain our approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairstyling, backed with workshops where you practice these skills as we guide and facilitate. In week one we look at classic scissor cutting, as applied to geometric yet organic shapes – one-length lines, graduations, and layers. Establishing the importance of proper craftsmanship and the value of precise technique, week one provides the technical foundation to improve all your cuts, from the most simple to the most creative. Week two examines the theory and practice of classic color techniques, including foil patterns and placements, weaves and slices, color correction, and creative color. Through demonstration and practice, you’ll learn best use of natural parting and fall, and how to make color intrinsic to the shape, style, and texture of each cut. Week three considers the art and craft of men’s hair cutting. We work to improve technical application, creative awareness, precision, and versatility, giving you the insight and inspiration to approach cuts for men with confidence, artistry and vision. In the final week, razor-cutting is brought into sharp focus. One of our signature skills, you’ll learn and practice the fundamentals of successful technique, as applied to the classic shapes of hairdressing. Then we move into advanced and trend-conscious ideas that give your razor-work more creative freedom, flexibility, and style. On the final day, we provide each class attendee with a model for color and cut. On this model you will fashion one complete look that represents your newfound technical and artistic scope as a modern and creative precision-based hairdresser. Boot Camp is a terrific way to go from good to great, from potential to realization.” – Nick Arrojo



  • 4-week seminar, with morning and afternoon sessions 5-days a week. Demos and/or workshops each day

  • Learn classic cutting technique, as applied to bobs, graduation, and layering

  • Build your razor cutting repertoire with techniques that enable more creative freedom, flexibility, and style

  • Master modern color techniques, including classic and alternate highlighting, correct color placement and tone, and best use of natural parting and fall

  • Time to practice new skills in a lively and fun, hands-on environment

  • One ARROJO educator per six students means lots of individual attention for all class attendees


Designed For:

  • New cosmetology graduates and young stylists

  • Any experienced stylist who wants and/or needs to improve their level of hairdressing education

  • Understanding the ARROJO approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairstyling

  • Future Success

  • An inspirational and career-shaping 4-week trip to New York

  • Newfound vision and confidence


Practices & Policies:

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