I believe successful hairdressing stems from mastery of the classic techniques––one-length lines, graduation, and layering.

Learn their proper application and all your cuts, no matter what shape or style, will improve. It’s also true that strong classic cutting technique opens the door for you to become more confident in your skill-set and, consequently, more creative in your execution. Classic cuts re-establishes the importance of proper craftsmanship and the value of precise technique. Each morning demo focuses on creating geometric yet organic shape and is followed by an afternoon workshop where you practice these skills while we guide and facilitate. This master-the-basics, scissors-only class is a great -insight to our central teaching philosophy, a certain way to improve your skill level, and provides the foundation to build your creative stock. - Nick Arrojo



  • Three-day seminar with each day focused on a different aspect of classic cutting: day one, bobs; day two, graduation; day three, layering

  • Layering techniques include effectively building weight and creating geometric shape whilst retaining the stunning outline of a perfectly balanced layered look, working from a short to long layer, and the fundamentals of successful over-direction

  • Graduation techniques include cuts that hug the head shape and fall beautifully forward, graduated layer shapes, and the fundamentals of disconnection

  • One ARROJO educator per six students means each attendee gets the most individual attention


Designed For:

  • Refreshing awareness of the traditional techniques of haircutting

  • Especially beneficial for young stylists who want a better understanding of classic technique and experienced stylists who lack a strong technical background

  • Anyone who has interest in, and appreciation for, classic hairdressing technique

  • Improving all your cuts, from the most simple to the most creative


Practices & Policies:

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