Quick Guide For Waving & Curling with the ARROJO Clip-Less Wand

A curling wand makes creating texture, waves and curls easier to do. A contemporary, quick and creative tool, knowing what a curl will look like when you take it off the rod is the first step to tailoring textures as you and your clients like them.  Here’s our easy guide for a variety of ribbons, twists, and turns. . .  


Flat Wrap:

As it sounds, the hair is wrapped around the wand with no twisting and turning; it lays completely flat. This style of wrap will give a ribboning effect and is great for big classic curls and prepping hair for updos.

Twisted Wrap:

In this wrap the section of hair is completely twisted around itself, and then wrapped around the wand. When this curl is loosened it breaks apart giving a softly deconstructed look. This style is great for natural-looking curly and wavy textures.

Half and Half:

A half flat and half twisted wrap will create the softest wave. This is great for creating beachy textures and vintage looks.

TIP: For the most natural looks try a mixture of all three styles. Perfectly uniform curl patterns do not happen naturally, so mixing it up is a great way to make sure the look is always soft and playful, rather than forced and overdone. 

dominic antiszko