Out With The Old In With the New: The Metal Mesh Diffuser

ARROJO branded metal mesh diffuser

ARROJO branded metal mesh diffuser

The diffuser has been every curly-haired girls best friend at some point, but it’s time for an upgrade. Meet its’ newer more modern counterpart— the metal mesh diffuser. 

If your first thought is that "metal," ‘mesh’ and ‘diffuser’ don't go together, hear us out! There comes a time in almost every products lifespan when technology catches up and slowly invalidates it. See Blackberry & iPhone and taxies & Uber. The list goes on and on. It’s the same concept with the plastic & the metal mesh diffuser. 

So what is it exactly? 

It’s a lightweight, compact and great for stylists on the go. The mesh fabric contains silver and titanium particles, which heat up and retain heat changing the blow-dry blast into a softer manageable diffused heat. 

Our stylists here at ARROJO don’t leave the house without theirs. 

“I love my mesh diffuser for several reasons, it fits over any hairdryer so I never have to take my nozzle off, which in high-volume salons can get misplaced very frequently, says Corrinn Dinan, stylist at ARROJO SoHo. "It also won’t fly off and hit my client, which with a bigger plastic diffuser is definitely a possibility. It’s great to travel with especially here in New York City. All together, it’s a more modern tool, that I haven’t had to replace since I got it over 5 years ago.” 

Pros of the Mesh Diffuser

  • More heat, less airflow

  • Helps lessen frizz

  • Fits over most hair dryers

  • More client-friendly

  • Lightweight and compact

  • More durable and longer lasting than plastic diffuser

If you are ready for a seamless diffusing experience, try our Metal Mesh Diffuser today!