Scissor Advanced

Scissor Advanced

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Once you master the fundamentals, you have the technique and precision to learn advanced skills. This class is for proficient cutters who want to evolve their work with sophisticated and fashionable scissor-cut styles.

One of the key elements of this class is the opportunity to learn original and creative sectioning patterns that enable you to create versatile disconnections, progressive graduations, and adventurous asymmetrical shapes with an edgy wearability.

We also practice freehand scissor-cutting as we use visceral, from-the-gut inspiration as means to provide an intuitive understanding of shape, function, and form –– so new trends and techniques come to you naturally.

A super class for experienced scissor-cutters who want new trends, techniques, inspirations to take back to the salon.

Available Dates & Locations:

  • November 3, 2019 - ARROJO Advanced Academy NYC


  • 2 Days


  • Two-day class focused on advanced scissor-cutting, and featuring both demonstrations and workshops

  • The chance to learn skills developed by the world-class design team at ARROJO studio

  • Master creative sectioning patterns that empower all kinds of creative and avant-garde –– yet still wearable –– styles.

  • One ARROJO educator per six students means each attendee gets the most individual attention

Designed For:

  • Improving scissor-cutting, especially disconnection and asymmetry

  • Proficient hairdressers who want new trends, techniques, and inspirations

  • Putting new cutting styles and hairdressing trends into your armory

  • Revitalizing interest in progressive scissor-cutting

Practices & Policies:

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*This seminar is for licensed hairdressers only. Attendees will receive by email a tools list and class info two weeks before class commences.